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Influence and support of Return Materials Authorization (RMA) in SAP Business One version 9.3

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  For example, when we take summer, Summer is in full swing, and as a long weekend nears, you understand your weekend travel bag is showing its age and its seams. It probably won’t conclude until fall – it’s time to shop for a new one. A quick Google search finds a tremendous arrangement on a canvas travel bag with leather significance. 

When We Acknowledge For Business

Now,  consider and acknowledge about your business. What experience and involvement do you attempt and endeavor, when customers want to buy from your website? consumers predict a smooth eCommerce reality: Accurate abundance updated in real time, a broader  product selection, and a system that cuts to the chase and quest and to revamp when they click ‘buy now.’ But customer service doesn’t end when they’ve paid. There are touch points post-sale, and that’s the exact point where the developing small advanced to midsized enterprises can advance their customer experience and skill. They need a commitment to think RMA. Yes, of course, No, that’s not an American electronics association – it stands for return materials confirmation. If you’re a frequent and constant online shopper, Then we are sure that you’ve no confusion if you have used it. And in this post-Amazon world, consumer expectations include an easy returns experience.

Customer Assistance As a Point of Insight.

What’s preventing your customers from going to your competitors – especially when products are comparable? It’s time to definite your assistance offerings and it improves and enhances the post-purchase movement to continue repeat customers who want their products before the weekend, hassle-free SAP Business One, an enterprise resource planning and devising (ERP) business management solution, introduced RMA as a standard feature in version 9.3. It has a feature component often requested and desired by users,  as SAP listened. (They know what businesses require to provide value to their customers and that your customers likely want you to have those features, too.)Let RMA be your gateway into a larger (and more organized) world of business managemeision33’s video demonstration of SAP Business One version 9.3.

Here’s how RMA works.

After your customer requests a return, you issue an RMA number. They print it and attach it to a shipment container. When your warehouse receives the returned merchandise, warehouse employees reference the RMA number to access details associated with the transaction. This clears away guesswork, errors, and lost productivity. More basically, it tells them what happens to the item afterward. Add it back into inventory? Dispose of it because it was inadequate? Send a replacement? Process a refund? RMAs also have standup options, so you can copy a return request and inquiry from your deliveries to your A/R invoices to save and to deliver time and paperwork.

Here are extra and further ways your business might use the RMA component.

•          Manage and track the return process more efficiently and completely. Without a digital system, you’re more ancillary on paperwork – and we know what cropout to customer service when you have too many orders to manage and supervise.

•          Create the ‘Return Request/Goods Return Request’ based on the opening sales transaction (Delivery or A/R Invoice) or purchasing agreement  (Goods Receipt PO or A/P Invoice). This makes it easier and accessible to hookup the dots.

•          Specify the ‘Return Reason’ and the ‘Return Action’ so you know the adjacent step.

•          Affect and disturb the stock ordered, organized (A/R side) and committed (A/P side) quantities before you receive the returned goods. This is crucial when an exchanged product goes back into inventory.

•          Manually create the ‘Return Request/Goods Return Request’ from a service call, so nothing gets lost, regardless of how the return was initiated.

•          Standardize the process with a ‘Draw Document’ wizard that takes users through the process for better frequency. That’s what this is all about: consistently admirable customer service.

Want to Know More About RMA?

RMA is a standard feature in SAP Business One version 9.3. If you’re peculiar with this ERP solution, let RMA be your gateway into a larger (and more organized)  and the greater world of business management software. Watch Vision33’s video demonstration of SAP Business One version 9.3’s RMA feature. It’s hosted by Carl B. Lewis, the man who wrote the book on SAP Business One (literally). You’ll learn about business growth and how to avoid losing momentum with your growing customer base – especially if you’re outgrowing QuickBooks.

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